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[accordion state=”closed” title=”British Film Institute (United Kingdom)” tag=”h3″ ]

The BFI British Film Institute is the UK’s principal cultural film organization and serves as the nations archive for film and television media. We host the only major international film festival annually, run education courses and conferences as well as a full range of cultural film events throughout the year.

The BFI distributes DVD titles, has the largest film and media library in the UK, hosts online education resource ScreenOnline, accessed by all education institutions throughout the UK, advises on film archive and supplies archive material around the world and hosts innumerable special media events at our BFI Southbank venue throughout the year which are attended by experts from the world of Screen and Television including directors, actors, cinematographers and music specialists as well as other professionals. The expansion of our archive resource, Mediatheque, across the UK which enables access to a huge and growing catalogue of digitized archive film is evidence of our commitment to engage with audiences outside of our London site.

BFI Education comprises activity delivered to Schools from Primary School stage through to Further and Higher Education including University partnership courses delivering MA degree modules in Film and Media. We have an extensive programme of activities for Seniors both at the BFI and in the community, including a Seniors Steering Committee who make programming decisions for Seniors attending the BFI. Our Youth activities are for participants from ages 14 – 25 and include an annual film festival held at the BFI for this age group, but also includes filmmaking projects in the community delivered in partnership with other organizations. Inter-generational learning is delivered both at the BFI and across the UK and includes filmmaking projects and events where creative activities incorporating all kinds of approaches are included to maximise potential learning and family engagement for all levels and aptitudes.

www.bfi.org.uk [/accordion]

[accordion state=”closed” title=”MTÜ SIKSALI ARENDUSSELTS (Estonia)” tag=”h3″ ]
Siksali Development Centre is a non-profit organisation in South-Eastern Estonia. This is one of the most underdeveloped parts of the country, with biggest unemployment and lowest salaries. The Centre was established, in order to help local people to find new ideas for alternative economic activities. Thus our main target group is people at risk of social and economical exclusion, due to their peripheral location and difficult socio-economical status.

The Centre was established in 2002. We have completed many international co-operation projects on environmental and rural development issues – village and community development, environmental awareness raising, rural tourism, rural activisation, non-formal education etc, funded by Leonardo, Grundtvig, Swedish Institute, Nordic Council of Ministers as well as Estonian national funding. We have also hosted many Leonardo mobility projects over the years, the delegations have come from countries like Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Sweden, Slovenia, Turkey, Finland, Ireland, Norway etc.

The themes of mobilities have been different: handicrafts, arts, ecological farming, adult education, national parks administration, safety of harbours etc. We have a good network of partners to ensure high quality programmes in South and South-East Estonia.Siksali Development Centre has also administrated and co-ordinated Environmental Awareness Projects in Võru county from 2003-2009, as a partner of environmental investment centre.

www.siksali.ee [/accordion]

[accordion state=”closed” title=”Fundación Adunare (Spain)” tag=”h3″ ]
ADUNARE is a non-profit and non-governmental Foundation. In latin Adunare means Unite. Adunare is the consequence of the unification of eight local associations from Zaragoza city. Its main spheres of activity are education, outlining children, young adults and adults at risk of social exclusion, vocational training, social and labour insertion, as well as culture and leisure entertainment.

Many young people are immigrants with social integration difficulties. ADUNARE works with children, youth and adults at risk of social exclusion, employment and education. The project will take place in a workshop occupational students studying to work as bakers. ADUNARE develops the project activities, organized a partners meeting and create a moodle platform for communication between partners and project development. Its primary role will be to provide the perspective of youth at risk of exclusion that are forming as bakers.

www.adunare.org [/accordion]

[accordion state=”closed” title=”Firma ED, SIA (Lettonia)” tag=”h3″ ]
SIA „Firma ED“ is a small, independent enterprise founded in 2007 and is located in Bauska – one of the towns in Zemgale Region. The enterprise is basically being occupied with elaboration and implementation of education and development projects in the local and European level. Besides, collaboration partner search abroad, organisation of seminars and workshops, and translation services are offered to the clients.

The enterprise has several long-term collaboration partners in the county and state level, individual merchants and agricultural farms. The enterprise has good collaboration partners also abroad: in Poland, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Estonia, Portugal and Norway.
Since 2010 the enterprise is adult informal education establishment offering adult education programmes like English language teaching, Computer Studies, Project Planning and Management, Inclusive Education.
The company is not located in a disadvantageous area in general; however situation in the country-side areas and small towns in Latvia is not very promising at the moment. People need motivation and social inclusion activities to develop responsibility and care regarding their children that will be ensured through local activities.

www.firmaed.lv [/accordion] [accordion state=”closed” title=”Eurocultura (Italy)” tag=”h3″ ]
Eurocultura is a no-profit research, training and career counselling organization set up in 1993.[/testimonial] Eurocultura is a no-profit research, training and career counselling organization set up in 1993.
Our key competences are related to the labour market and training issues.Our projects and activities are aimed at preventing unemployment by improving the employability of young people, women and workers at risk of expulsion from the labor market; at the promotion of international mobility of students and workers, at preventing and fighting against racism and prejudices, in supporting the environmental care.

Our activities:

INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS: focused on issues as vocational training, career counselling, employment, youth, migrants, women, granted by different European Programs.
Our participation in international projects concern: development of training activities for trainers and students, development and implementation of e-learning courses, desk and field researches, disseminations of results, organization of conferences and other public events,coordination of partners

CAREER GUIDANCE: we provide career advice and guidance to people seeking an experience abroad to implement their professional and personal skills in an international environment. We cooperate with academic institutions, high schools and vocational training centers, youth information centers and private and public employment offices providing lectures and seminars for career services officers, aimed to improve professional knowledge and competences in career guidance with an international perspective.

TRAINEESHIPS IN VICENZA: Since 1995 we are intermediate organization for international trainees in the frame of Leonardo Mobility and Erasmus placements programs.. We provide initial intensive Italian language and culture course and then work placement in a local company for about 160 students a year.

www.eurocultura.it [/accordion]

[accordion state=”closed” title=”İZMIR ARTI YAŞAM DERNEĞI (Turkey)” tag=”h3″ ]
Our Association is situated in İzmir ,located in the west of Turkey, which is now TURKEY’s 3rd largest city, “the capital” of the Aegean Region, a major port and commercial center set dramatically around a huge bay and backed by mountains to the South.

Basically our association seems to be located in an advantaged area but the education level of seniors and young parents in our district prevents opening to innovations in advance and the town hasn’t been able to develop enough to put them in hand and provide the requirements of social, cultural, business and education even though the number of educated people has been recently increasing. In addition; there are many migrant families live in our town.

The main purpose of our association here is to organise and run activities about all kinds of sporting, cultural, art, social responsibility, educational and environmental issues in order to provide opportunities to young people, parents and seniors in this area such as coordinating activities according to their requirements, having non-formal courses within certain curriculums, organizing seminars and prevent domestic conflicts to the utmost by strengthening intergenerational communication.

Apart from social activities the association gives importance to organizing various seminars and conferences for adults in order to increase the awareness of social responsibility and remove socio-cultural conflicts appeared by the differences of education levels through many migrant families. Mixing cultural wealth which was brought by migrant families in the area with European level and convert it to a universal dimension is also one of our missions.

Our association is targeting to increase the awareness of the family learning and reach to the European Union standards as possible through aforementioned activities. [/accordion]

This project is co-funded by the European Commission. This publication reflects the views of the author only and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use of the information contained therein.
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